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This is a fast paced action game where you have to coll...

Udder Madness
Milk the cows before the explode

A puzzle game that required quick reflex

12 Many
The screen will flash quickly. You will have a split se...

Lucky Balls
Strategically shoot and place the ball to form a pack o...

Hungry Bob
Make Bob jump only on the food he like

Fly through space in your ship to shoot down enemy craf...

Dizzy Paul
Paul is dizzy and he need to collect the capsule to got...

Super Sonic
Play Sonic the Hedgehog in this fast pace gold coin col...

Monster Munch
Help the monster eat all of the falling snowflakes.

Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle....

In this gladiator fighting game, your aims is to destro...

Play with your Knife
Play with your knife and don't cut yoursefl

Weber Dancing Machine
Control the movement of Weber using keyboard or mouse

Guide POL to walk safely through the street

Ant Ken-Do
Try to forced your opponent into the water in this japa...

Beer Monster
Collect the beers and goto the exit

Flash Gauntlet
Destroy ghosts with your wizard spell; collect treasure...

Crazy Peanuts
Flick the peanuts at the squirrels

Tactics Core
It is 7 versus 6 in this tactical board game of superhe...

Kill the ninja warrior as the swordman

Geography Game - S. Ameri...
Educative game that make geographic fun; This game is o...

Arrange the 9 tiles into the 3x3 grid

Crash Down
Collpase clone with bigger play area

Shoot anything that moved on your screens

Trap Shoop
Very addictive target shooting game. Try your best to g...

Shoot down the enemies using the heli

Wild West Quick Draw
Draw before the opponent does so this town will have yo...

try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You o...

Save Doctor Do-Did-Done
Play either in 1- or 2-players mode in this shooting ga...

Disc Golf
attempt to throw the disc into the cage

Hot Shot
Scored as many goals as possible in the time allocated

Boom Boom Volleyball
Beach volleyball without a ball - use bomb instead

Golf Ace
Get as many hole-in-ones as possible in this golf game

Bowling Game
A bowling game done in Flash

Crazy Relax
Racing game with 3 unique car to choose from

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